I wanted to take a moment to express that which is burning in my heart. I am captivated by the one who is able to keep me from falling and present me faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy. I long for this Jesus, His person and his work to be made known where ever His Spirit gives us influence.

I have put together words that encapture what my heart cries our for. As words, they fall short of the fullness that we carry in our hearts, nevertheless they form a springboard, a platform from which we can shape our lives.

A vision statement does not produce passion, it flows from passion. What it does do is keep our passion focussed on our original intent.


Our primary reason for breathing is to worship Him. It's a natural response to having seen him. Words such as "adore", "love", "honour", "obey" all fit this response.


Missions exist because worship doesn't. We are not a people focussed on mission, our eyes our fixed on Jesus and in response to Him we go.

To be a Christ follower means we align our lives with His. What we see is Jesus connecting with sinful men and woman and calling them to follow him. He demonstrates what kingdom living is really like. He teaches them about kingdom living and the he releases them to go and proclaim this kingdom. Foremost in the life of Jesus is that he was always healing people.


A person who has put their faith in Jesus
A person who is imitating the life of Jesus
A person who is obeying the commands of Jesus
A person who is calling others to do the same.

Jesus reminds us that he came not for the healthy but the sick. He came to seek and to save the lost and we align our hearts, our family, our career, our church with Him.


The prophet Micah reminds the people of Israel to..... do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly before their God.
Psalm 113 says that God takes the poor and seats them with princes. Within the heart of God is not only the desire to save but also to restore, to give a hope and a future.

Therefore we will work hard to see the poor both in our individual lives and in our church.

4. ....AND AGAIN

This is a rather silly line but it summarizes the heart of Jesus to multiply his name. He trained 12 men to disciple the whole earth and the only way that is possible is through multiplication. We are not driven by numbers or "empire building" rather we want to see His name being made famous and that is a task that will preoccupy us until He returns or we return to Him.