Moms & Miracles is a moms and tots group which runs on Wednesday mornings at 10am and focuses on mothers and their toddlers up to the age of 3.

We have a 2 hour programme which includes a moms & tots interaction time, a “music ring”, various games and craft activities for special occasions. Coupled with this is a small feeding scheme where each mom receives sandwiches to take home and the moms and tots receive eats at tea time.

Throughout the year, we arrange for people to come in to do talks for the ladies regarding skills development, baby & toddler stimulation, health care and ministry to the ladies. Where possible, we do try to help with health and medical care, but at this stage it is very minimal, due to lack of resources and volunteers.

We have a “Winter Woolies” collection each winter, where we provide the moms with blankets and warm clothing for the little ones. At Christmas time we have a Christmas party for everyone where they all get spoilt with yummy treats and a special Christmas tea. For the moms who have had an 80% attendance record throughout the year, a special grocery parcel, toys and clothing hampers is provided for them and their little ones.