That our faith is not primarily about us but about God and His extravagant love expressed towards us.

WE BELIEVE that God is a relational God, completely expressed in the communion between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that out of the overflow of this communion, man was created in the likeness or the image of God. We were marked by God’s designer stamp.

WE BELIEVE that we were created for work, to be stewards of His creation.

WE BELIEVE that evil does exist and that satan offered Adam and Eve an alternative to finding their value, worth and pleasure in God.
In taking that opportunity they essentially rebelled against their creator, wilfully stepping out of communion.
We call this rebellion, sin.

WE BELIEVE that through their choices, they and all mankind are now both marked and marred. In other words we are marked by God, in His image AND we are marred by the devil.

WE BELIEVE that God is always acting to reconcile man back into communion.
Our God is redemptive in nature. By redemptive we mean the payment of a ransom to rescue people from oppression and slavery.
Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God enabled all men to be reconciled back to Himself. This He did by being both the one who judges and the one who gives mercy. Our desire to find our pleasure outside of God produces a righteous judgement by God but that judgement, in the kindness of God, is placed upon His son. Jesus was the Son of God who stood in our place.

We also believe that through faith in this action of Jesus Christ, we are adopted into God’s family as children. Central to our belief is that we have a Father, we have been given a new name, a fresh start with new desires. We have been marked, marred and are being remade into His image.

Furthermore, we believe that God has given us a gift in the form of His Spirit which enables us to live well within the family of God. He not only gives us a new name but enables us to live up to that name. We believe that we can access our Father through prayer with confidence.

WE BELIEVE that the His Spirit is a down payment for us - he has ownership over us.

WE BELIEVE that with the privileges that come with responsibilities. We have been given the responsibility to commune or relate to God. Our primary response to a loving Father is to love in return.
We affirm our forefathers who summarised and stated: “The chief aim of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever” (Westminister creed)

Other responsibilities include loving those around us, particularly those who cannot love us back. We have a responsibility to care for those who are marginalised by society. We believe that God has a bias towards the broken, the lonely, the hurting, the diseased and the lost and desires that we be His representative agents to these communities.

WE BELIEVE that God has chosen the church to be a living signpost towards Him. In essence the church exists to put God on display.
The planting and establishing of local churches is one of the primary ways that we fulfil the above.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ will return to judge all men.